LimbusReception Lodge

Design - Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design

LimbusReception Lodge is a system of modular designed reception desks. The design is well suited to the requirements of modern entrances and other meeting places. The base unit can be provided with fabric-covered sound absorbing walls and ceiling for a better acoustic environment while creating an often desirable privacy. The surface consists of extremely matt nanotech surface that accentuates a soft impression. Minor scratches are easily repaired with thermal heat treatment. Dimmable LED lighting in the ceiling, toe kick and inside of the desk, controlled by a triple switch. The reception desk has an electric height adjustable table top that can be fitted with power frame and cable trays. On the outside, the visitors encounter a fabric-covered shelf, garment hook and USB chargers. This, together with the ceiling gives the desk its unique character.


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