Glimakra Medical

Glimakra of Sweden is a leading furniture manufacturer of screening products, for offices and public spaces. Following the demand and wishes from several of our customers, we have now adapted several products in our range, to the healthcare environment. In other words, the products have a long history in our range, which makes them reliable and durable.

In our Medical range we offer proven products that are specially adapted for healthcare. The products are flexible, easy to clean and mobile and are also produced in our own factories in Sweden, with the highest regard to quality and environmental factors.

With Glimakra Medical we offer flexible, wipeable, easy-to-install floor screens, fixed and mobile wall systems as well as stand-alone modules in various sizes for temporary hospitals, but also for traditional hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, nursing homes, crisis centers, etc.

The medical assortment is produced in rational factories in Sweden, with short delivery times and safe delivery flows of materials.

Read more about Glimakra Medical here.

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