Barn 235 won a MIAW Design award!

We are very happy to announce that Barn 235 has been named Winner of the Miaw Design Award 2023, read the article here.

Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) follows trends in design and runs the inspirational web site Muuuz.

Barn 235 is a scaled-down, slightly smaller/lighter version of Barn 270 designed for projects with a ceiling height of about 2.40 metres. The design has a clear horizontal expression, inspired by the landscape in northern Sweden. The system is based on acoustic panels mounted at consistent distances, giving the furniture a balanced combination of sound absorption and transparency for large-scale repetition in public interiors. Fixed benches and work tables are available for Barn 235 and can also be retrofitted.

Jury statement:

Thanks to a new collaboration with a renowned designer, Glimakra of Sweden has produced an intelligent proposal that goes hand in hand with its elegant aesthetic, characteristic of Swedish heritage. A workspace that you really want to embrace, a cocoon of comfort that has earned the company a Design Miaw.

Barn 235 MIAW Design award 2023

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