GlobalWall Glass

A wall-mounted, magnetic writing board in glass. The activity-based office sets entirely different requirements from the traditional one. There is a need for places for workgroups and spontaneous meetings that encourage creativity.

Taking the step from sound absorbers to writing boards is not that far, on the contrary, they complement each other.
Our focus has therefore been on producing writing boards that match our absorbers, and we have chosen to start with our Global series. It felt like a natural development of our product family.

The material on Global is a frame in MDF lacquer, in the same shade as the glass, which gives a monochrome look and fits perfectly with the fabric covered sound absorbent Global. The dimensions of the writing boards cover most needs, from small ”remember” notes to big writing boards for conference rooms and other larger premises.

GlobalGlass can be used in a combination of sound absorbers and writing boards in a workplace or other creative environment.

Launch: Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 5, 2019
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Download: GlobalWall Glass
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Press contact: Rita Katakalidou

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