Press release, February 3, 2017

Glimakra of Sweden lit up with Weave designed by Lukas Dahlén

Weave is like a onepiece in the open offices, in the conference room, several hanging from a high ceiling of the hotel lobby or over the coffee table at work. Birch and recycled PET bottles are intertwined through traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to a mood lighting fixture that contribute to a good acoustic environment. Weave is equipped with the latest 230V LED technology which provides a high light output and colour rendering, while the lighting is energy efficient with very long life.

Lighting, ceiling suspended, absorbent, workplaces, soundabsorbing, sound reducing, ceiling suspended absorbent, takhängd absorbent, ljuddämpande, akustisk design, kontorsmöbler, soundabsorption, acoustic design, scandinavian design, office furniture, ljudabsorberande, quality, kvalitet, arbetsplats

Launch: Stockholm Furniture Fair, Februari 7, 2017

Read more: Product information Weave.

Download high resolution images: Hi-res images Weave.

#glimakra #weave

Press contact: Ia Sjöstedt ia@glimakra.com

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