Press release, February 3, 2017

Glimakra of Sweden creates a wall absorbent shaped like a superellips designed by Johan Kauppi

Hilja means ”quiet” or ”calm” in Finnish and is a decorative wall absorbent with soft shapes, to contribute to a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

Hilja wall absorbent has the shape of a superellipse which gives a pleasant impression. The suspension is made with leather straps around a half round birch bar available in three lengths. The wall absorbents can be used as wall mounted backrest to complement benches, such as Wakufuru sound absorbing benches, and site-built seatings. They can also be used independently to create beautiful and functional wall environments while achieving good sound absorption.

Launch: Stockholm Furniture Fair, Februari 7, 2017

Read more: Product information Hilja.

Download high resolution images: Hi-res images Hilja.

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Press contact: Ia Sjöstedt ia@glimakra.com

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