Artificial Nature

Through thousands of years, hearing has evolved in outdoors nature, which is filled with organic forms and natural sounds. Man’s two ears allow us to hear sound waves in 360 degrees around our head. The brain, in turn, has an incredible ability to distinguish and identify them, where a sound comes from and where it is going. This gives us an understanding of our surroundings, which in turn creates security.

Today we spend most of our lives in an artificial indoor world, in rooms designed with flat surfaces and a few natural sounds. In a poorly designed acoustic environment, the sense of hearing cannot convey the correct information to the brain. This means that many workplaces tend to be perceived as insecure and uncomfortable only through the poor soundstage.

Because the hearing sense cannot be ”switched off”, the challenge is to create a functioning acoustics for all occasions during a working day. To increase our well-being, one therefore needs to create an indoor world that reminds as much as possible about the nature. A place that reflects an acoustics that our brain recognizes and which gives us mental security.

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