Glimakra of Sweden introduces the new BuildUp Sofa, a 2023 addition to the extensive BuildUp Pods & Pavilions system

BuildUp Pods & Pavilions is an award-winning collection of acoustic meeting rooms inspired by the forest. A concept characterized by openness, accessibility and functionality, designed by the Swedish duo Kauppi & Kauppi, produced by Glimakra of Sweden.

The BuildUp concept positions itself somewhere between architecture and furniture. Large-scale meeting rooms, reimagining the archetype of a common pod – a design where the spatial experience has been valued as highly as the acoustic qualities. Open, airy spaces where inclusiveness is key, following a Scandinavian design tradition.

The first introduction of BuildUp Pods & Pavilions 2021 included three pods in different sizes, as well as a fully open pavilion. In 2022 the BuildUp Pod collection grew with additional smaller sizes.

The latest evolution of the BuildUp Pods & Pavilions is a new sofa, adding a lounge feel and functionality to the greater system – launching at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023. The Sofas addresses the need for generously proportioned places to unwind and socialize with friends and colleagues. A place for reading and recharging yourself or your devices. The new sofa elements flow along the curved insides and embraces the outsides of the larger pods and pavilions. In extension to providing a seating place, the new BuildUp Sofa generate a pleasant and interesting interior landscape, when utilizing the spaces in between.


Download press release and images for BuildUp Sofa


BuildUp Pod R4 Sofa

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