Glimakra of Sweden is expanding for the international market

As a result to a number of awards, such as Gold in the German Design Award, the attention of Glimakra of Sweden has increased in Europe and other parts of the world.

“We want to offer the same high level of service for all customers and now that pressure on us outside the Nordic countries has increased, we choose to add resources to the Export Market,” says Anders Barrklint, CEO.

Göran Karlsson, current Sales/Marketing Manager becomes the new Export Manager. He has many years of experience in the company and has a broad network in Europe.
Christian Dahlström, Location Manager at the factory in Tranås, becomes the new Sales/Marketing Manager. He has a long and solid experience and will help to tie up Glimakra of Sweden’s business areas, as well as create further focus and clarity for the customers.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing to develop Glimakra of Sweden’s amazing product range, as well as creating and managing new and old relationships. Our ambition is to create furniture focusing on acoustics and design for more comfortable public environments. It feels extremely motivating to me, to change and improve people’s everyday lives, and my ambition is to have as many people as possible to enjoy our amazing products.”, says Christian.

“We strongly believe in this expand and look forward to our new international customer relationships,” concludes CEO Anders Barrklint.

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