Proud sponsors to (IA) collects everything about interior architecture in one place. The purpose is to increase knowledge and interest in interior architecture, both as a subject and as a profession. With the help of facts, inspiration and tools for both professionals and interested individuals, the site acts as the primary information and communication platform. The site is free and open to everyone.

Today, there is a shortage of trained interior designers in Sweden. At the same time, the country’s professional interior designers experience that their competence is often unknown to business and the general public. IA wants to change that. The site is intended to guide you who are thinking about an  interior design education or who have just started the educattion, but also to the person who is already an interior designer.

IA wants to provide interior architecture with a platform where it becomes visible, transparent and influential.

“We see it as a matter of course to cooperate with IA when we ourselves work closely with many interior designers,” says Christian Dahlström, Sales and Marketing Manager for Glimakra of Sweden.
“It is important for us to be involved in the dialogue about the interior designers’ need for information, education and other tools to advance the development of interior design.”

Kristin Östberg, initiator of IA, concludes by thanking Glimakra of Sweden for the effort in the direction of strengthening Swedish interior design architecture; “We need to gather to develop the subject and profession in the right direction and to get a stronger voice. Glimakra of Sweden’s connection and support is worth a lot for Swedish interior design architecture. ”

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