Press release, February 3, 2017

Glimakra of Sweden lit up with Weave designed by Lukas Dahlén

Weave is like a onepiece in the open offices, in the conference room, several hanging from a high ceiling of the hotel lobby or over the coffee table at work. Birch and recycled PET bottles are intertwined through traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to a mood lighting fixture that contribute to a good acoustic environment. Weave is equipped with the latest 230V LED technology which provides a high light output and colour rendering, while the lighting is energy efficient with very long life.

Launch: Stockholm Furniture Fair, Februari 7, 2017

Read more: Product information Weave.

Download high resolution images: Hi-res images Weave.

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Press contact: Ia Sjöstedt ia@glimakra.com

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