Storage is essential in creating an organised and functional home or office. There are many types of storage solutions to choose from, ranging from cabinets and shelves to baskets and drawers. The choice of storage solution often depends on the specific need, the location and the available space. Please take a look at our range below.

Different types of storage

A common choice for storage is cabinets. At Glimakra of Sweden you will find a wide range of modern cabinets. Cabinets are a great solution for storing things you don’t use often, but they can also be used to organise things like tools, toys, books and clothes.

Shelves are also a common storage solution. Shelves can be used to organise books, toys, pots and other items. They can also be used to create a visual display of art, ornaments or other items. Shelving systems can be either fixed or free-standing and are available in a variety of materials and designs.

Baskets and boxes are other types of storage solutions. Baskets and drawers can be used to organise and hide smaller items, such as toys, clothes or tools. They can also be used to create a visual display of items, such as cushions or blankets.

For more specific needs, there are other solutions, such as wardrobes, under-bed storage, wall-mounted storage or clothes hangers. It is important to choose the right type of storage solution for the specific need and available space.