Desk screens

When it comes to creating optimal working environments, both design and function are crucial factors. Glimakra of Sweden’s desk screens offer an impressive range of products that not only improve the sound environment of the workplace but also add style and aesthetics to the office landscape.

Cero r100: Simple elegance with choice

Cero table screens take you on a journey of simple elegance. With straight or rounded corners, Cero r100 offers a versatile design that can be customised to your needs. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, it allows you to create a customised atmosphere. Its eco-friendly materials and the possibility of replacing the fabric in the future ensure sustainability. Cero r100 has excellent circulation and acoustic properties for a comfortable working environment.

Siluett: Organic shape and sound absorption

The Siluett desk screen, designed by Brad Ascalon, brings an organic touch to the office environment. Its soft shapes create a calming atmosphere and a unique expression. In addition to being a visual asset, Siluett also offers excellent sound absorption. It creates a workplace that reduces distracting noise and provides a sense of privacy.

Contrast: Functional elegance with fabric-covered design

Contrast table screens are a perfect combination of function and design. They provide a welcoming atmosphere with a 40 mm fabric-covered screen, rounded corners, and a balance between sound absorption and sound propagation. This series gives you flexibility in size and fabric choice and can be customised for different tables. With an integrated accessory rail, cable entry and power strip, Contrast has everything you need for a complete working environment.

Limbus Arrow and Limbus Light: Versatile functionality

The Limbus series introduces the Arrow and Light desktop monitors to further optimise the working environment. Limbus Arrow offers a sturdy 50 mm screen with filling that provides maximum sound absorption. On the other hand, Limbus Light focuses on effective shielding and is perfect for situations where acoustics are already in place.

Limbus Original and Limbus Soft: Advanced options for sound control

Limbus Original and Limbus Soft are advanced sound control solutions. Their fabric-covered screens offer a perfect balance between sound absorption and sound propagation. Flexible in size and fabric choice, these table screens can be adapted to a variety of tables and working environments.

Create harmony with Glimakra of Sweden table screens

Glimakra of Sweden’s table screens represent a harmonious union of design and function. With different models offering varying levels of sound control and aesthetics, these products allow you to create a working environment that is both efficient and inspiring. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design or a more organic form, Glimakra of Sweden offers a range of desk screens to suit your needs and tastes, while creating a more harmonious workplace.

Table screens in the work environment

The use of desktop screens in the work environment has several benefits. These screens act as effective sound absorbers, reducing sound propagation and creating a quieter and more productive workplace. They also provide employees with increased privacy and the ability to focus and reduce visual distractions through visual shielding. The flexibility of the space is increased by creating separate areas for meetings and work. Desktop screens contribute to acoustic comfort and aesthetic improvement in the work environment. These screens can be customised as needed and help create a more organised and structured workplace, resulting in increased productivity and employee well-being.