Tables and seating

We at Glimakra of Sweden are proud to present our unique collection of tables and seating that combines design with ergonomics and functionality.

Basketball – Active seating for health and comfort

Basketball is not just a seat but a solution for your well-being. With an ergonomic design that activates your stomach, side, and back muscles, it complements your office chair. Improve your posture and reduce the risk of back problems while adding stylish interior detail to your workplace.

Campus – Modern meeting tables and benches

Campus is our collection of soundproofing meeting tables and benches. Made from white stained ash, this furniture is perfect for activity-based work. Combining wood and fabric in an exciting way brings a unique atmosphere to your workplace. The fabric-covered interior and beam give the products a distinctive character.

Limbus – Sound-absorbing sofas and armchairs

Limbus is our range of sound-absorbing armchairs and sofas. By using Limbus screens as a base, they retain the same design language and quality as our other products in the Limbus range. This flexibility in fabric choice allows you to easily adapt the colour scheme to your working environment.

Limbus Phone Booths – Discreet privacy for calls

Limbus also offers phone booths for the activity-based office. These discreet solutions are perfect for private work or phone calls. With their rounded corners and many fabric choices, they blend seamlessly into your environment.

Wakufuru – Innovation in wood

Wakufuru is a system of tables and benches that combines sound absorption and solid wood in a unique way. Regardless of size or height, each table and bench unit are constructed in the same way. Hidden under the furniture are effective sound-absorbing materials, creating a quieter workplace.

Woofer – Flexible meeting tables with style

The Woofer meeting table is a flexible sound-absorbing modular system. It can be adapted from a small 1.2-metre meeting table to a large 6-metre conference table. Its sleek design, different material choices and wide range of fabrics make Woofer an ideal acoustic solution that also enhances office décor.

Ergonomics and work environment

Ergonomics and the working environment are crucial to both the well-being of employees and the success of organisations. A well-designed workplace that considers ergonomic principles reduces the risk of injuries and disorders, which in turn reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. A good working environment also increases employee engagement and loyalty to the company, which can improve the company’s attractiveness in the labour market. In addition, a safe working environment minimises the risk of accidents and improves the mental health of employees. Companies that invest in ergonomics and health and safety can also comply with legal requirements and regulations, which is both a moral obligation and a legal necessity.