Reception desks

Glimakra of Sweden is a company that specialises in producing high-quality furniture with acoustic design, such as sound-absorbing reception desks. With our expertise, we create furniture with timeless design and high quality.

Why a sound-absorbing reception desk?

A sound-absorbing reception desk is a central place in a building where visitors can check in, book appointments, and get help from staff. What distinguishes a sound-absorbing reception desk from a regular reception desk is its ability to reduce the noise level in the room. This can be achieved by using materials that minimise reverberation and dampen sound.

Why are sound-absorbing reception desks important?

Besides creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for visitors and staff, sound-absorbing reception desks can also improve the acoustics of the entire building. Reducing the noise level in the reception area reduces the risk of reverberation and noise, which can interfere with the concentration and productivity of people working in the building.

Why choose a reception desk from Glimakra of Sweden?

Glimakra of Sweden is a company that focuses on quality and design in everything we produce. When it comes to sound-absorbing reception desks, we take this to a whole new level. Each reception desk is specially designed to suit the specific space and customer.

They are also ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on the staff working at the desk. We offer our reception desks in different materials and colours so customers can choose the one that best suits their space. All this while keeping acoustics and noise reduction as a high priority.