Open Pods

Open Pods is Glimakra of Sweden’s pioneering concept for creating inviting and functional meeting spaces within office environments. These innovative meeting rooms, designed by the renowned design duo Kauppi & Kauppi, are an ideal solution to meet today’s need for efficient and inspiring working environments.

What are Open Pods?

Open Pods is a series of stripped-down, acoustic meeting rooms that combine functionality with design. The concept is characterised by openness, accessibility and a clear inspiration from the beautiful landscape of northern Sweden. These pods are created to offer a quiet and secluded space for meetings, work and creativity. They are designed to reduce noise disturbance and create a pleasant sound environment, while adding an aesthetic dimension to the interior design.

A variety for all needs

The Open Pods collection offers different sizes and configurations to suit different purposes. From smaller work pods for one person to larger pavilions that can accommodate multiple people, there is a variety that can be customised to your specific needs. Whether you need a private space for concentration or a place for informal meetings, we have options to suit.

Acoustics and design in harmony

One of the outstanding features of Open Pods is their balanced combination of acoustics and design. The fabric-covered walls and ceiling are designed to absorb sound and reduce reverberation, creating a calm and quiet environment inside the pod. At the same time, the design has a unique horizontal aesthetic that creates a cosy and visually appealing atmosphere.

Flexible and functional interior design

Open Pods are equipped with a range of details to meet different user needs. From writing boards and TV mounts to LED lighting, electrical outlets and concealed cable entry, every detail is carefully designed to make the pod as functional and comfortable as possible. What’s more, they can be delivered completely undecorated, giving architects the freedom to create a customised interior.

The benefits: Changing the working environment

Open Pods offer a range of benefits to the working environment and those who use them:

Sound environment

By reducing noise disturbance and reverberation, they create a calm and productive working environment.

Functional design

The different configurations and furnishing options allow for customisation according to different work needs.

Inspiring meeting places

Open Pods are ideal for both informal meetings and concentrated work, creating a dynamic and diverse working environment.

Aesthetic asset

The horizontal design and aesthetics help to enhance the interior and visually appeal to users.

By integrating Open Pods from Glimakra of Sweden, you can create a working environment that is both functional and inspiring. These acoustic meeting rooms allow users to work, collaborate and meet in a quiet and harmonious environment. With Open Pods, you can take your office to the next level of efficiency and comfort.