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Write boards: the ultimate solution for modern work environments

In an increasingly connected and fast-moving world, smart and flexible solutions are needed to create an inspiring and functional workplace. This is where Glimakra of Sweden’s write boards come in. We offer a wide range of innovative and stylish write boards, perfectly adapted to today’s working environments.

Cero write board R100: Elegance and function in one!

The Cero Board R100 is a magnetic write board that shares the same beautiful design language as the Cero Table Screens, with either a 15 mm or 100 mm corner radius. The edge has a softly inverted radius, which gives the board an exclusive feel. The Cero board is available in many sizes and can easily be mounted either vertically or horizontally, with our very simple suspension system.

The Cero write board R100 is ideal for offices, conference rooms and creative environments where collaboration and communication are key. It is easy to clean and brings a professional and aesthetically pleasing feel to your workplace.

Siluett: Nature’s calm in the office

Siluett is a mobile write board with a soft and soothing shape. Its varying sizes give a sense of nature, like a series of trees where no two are the same. The greater the combination of different sizes, the less the feeling of being in an office, but rather in nature. They become sculptural in their forms.

Siluett enables a workplace that dampens sound, removes visual distractions, and provides a sense of privacy, both individually and within a small work group. This mobile write board is perfect for creating a dynamic and flexible workplace where ideas can flow freely, and employees can feel inspired.

Limbus write board: Combining form and function

The Limbus write board is designed to be combined with Limbus wall absorbers. Dimensions and hanging strips are the same. 16 standard sizes and the possibility of customisation offer countless possibilities. The board and frame are white, giving a clean and modern feel to the workplace.

The Limbus write board is both practical and stylish, making it ideal for offices, meeting rooms and training environments. It offers a combination of functionality and design that creates a harmonious and efficient working environment.

Sustainability, environment & quality: A cornerstone of our business

At Glimakra of Sweden, we endeavour to ensure that our operations have as little impact on the environment as possible. We use 100% renewable energy, and our products are timeless and of premium quality with a long lifespan. We use clean, unmixed materials whenever possible, which facilitates the recycling of the products. To further protect the environment, we choose local suppliers to reduce transport distances.

It is our goal to fulfill our customers’ requirements for each individual order according to the conditions we have. Our customers should be able to trust that the delivery is made on time and with the right quality. Glimakra of Sweden is environmentally and quality-certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Most of our products are labelled with Möbelfakta, which means that they meet strict requirements for quality, environment, and social responsibility.

Table: Comparison of write boards

Write boardAdvantagesAreas of useSizes
Cero R100Magnetic, stylish, easy to hangOffices, conference rooms, creative environmentsMany sizes
SiluettMobile, calming shape, sound-absorbingDynamic workplaces, creative environmentsVarious sizes
LimbusCombined with wall absorbers, many sizesOffices, meeting rooms, educational environments

16 standard sizes, special sizes

Why choose Glimakra of Sweden write boards?

At Glimakra of Sweden, we are proud to offer write boards of the highest quality and timeless design. Our ongoing collaboration with many prominent designers ensures that we are always at the forefront of developing and manufacturing products for public environments.

We believe in creating favourable soundscapes and harmonious working environments where people can thrive and perform at their best. By choosing write boards from Glimakra of Sweden, you not only invest in a practical and stylish solution for your workplace but also in a product that contributes to a better environment and long-term sustainability.

We understand that every workplace is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of write boards to suit all needs and styles. Whether you want a simple and stylish solution like Cero R100, a mobile and calming board like Siluett, or a combination of form and function like Limbus, we have a solution for you.

Contact us for more information

We at Glimakra of Sweden are here to help you find the perfect option for your workplace. Our expertise and experience in acoustic design and public environments make us the obvious choice for those looking for a combination of high quality, durability, and style.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We look forward to helping you create the optimal workplace with one of our write boards!

Write boards are an important part of modern workplaces and public environments. Glimakra of Sweden’s range of write boards offers elegant and functional solutions for all types of environments. With a focus on sustainability, environment, and quality, you can be sure that you get a product that is not only practical and stylish but also contributes to a better environment. Choose from Cero R100, Siluett and Limbus write boards to find the perfect solution for your workplace. Contact us for more information and let us help you create the optimal working environment!

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