Floor screens

Floor screens are a trendy interior design detail used to create delineated spaces and to create quieter and calmer working environments. Below you can see the floor screens we at Glimakra of Sweden have proudly developed.

Sound-absorbing floor screens and screen walls

The fact that many of today’s workplaces have open-plan layouts is not unusual. There are a number of advantages to open-plan offices, but with advantages often come disadvantages. Open-plan offices can be a problem for those who need peace and quiet to carry out their work. With sound absorbers, such as screen walls, floor screens or ceiling absorbers, you can easily create a quieter and more peaceful working environment as it reduces the noise level. Screen walls are a versatile and flexible solution as they are designed to be easily moved around and adapted to specific environments and conditions.

Sound-absorbing furniture such as screen walls, floor screens and table screens reduce the propagation of sound but cannot eliminate it completely. This means that you will hear calls from shorter distances but at a more comfortable sound level. Screen walls covered in materials that absorb sound definitely work much better than, say, a bare wooden wall. Screen walls are usually constructed with sound-absorbing materials, and the thicker the wall, the more sound it can block out.

Create a better sound environment by combining floor screens with other sound absorbers

The recommendation for open-plan offices is to use several screens to achieve the best results, preferably in combination with ceiling absorbers, for example.

At Glimakra of Sweden, we have a wide range of screen walls, specially developed to combine visual and acoustic design. The result of this combination is nothing short of world-class. Our walls come in a variety of heights and finishes to meet most desires and requirements of both you and your office environment.