Work booths

Open-plan workplaces can be challenging to create privacy and concentrated work. The solution? Fabric-covered and sound-absorbing work booths from Glimakra of Sweden. These modular booths create screened workstations and room-in-room in the open-plan office.

What is a cubicle?

A cubicle is a separate and segregated workspace used in office environments to provide a more private and concentrated working environment. It is a physical structure or secluded space designed to give the user a place where they can work undisturbed and avoid distractions from the surrounding office landscape. Work booths can be sound-absorbing and often offer a degree of visual privacy to promote productivity and focus. They can be equipped with the necessary work tools, lighting and electrical outlets to meet the needs of individual users.

Create privacy and productivity:

In an open-plan office environment, providing separate spaces for meetings and concentrated work is important. You can reduce noise levels and create shielded workstations by furnishing them with fabric-covered and sound-absorbing cubicles. This helps employees to focus and minimise distractions. The booths act as room-in-room, allowing for confidential conversations and private work.

Advantages of work booths

There are several advantages to using workstations in office environments. Here are some reasons why you can benefit from cubicles:

  1. Concentration and productivity: cubicles offer a secluded and undisturbed working environment. By creating a physically separate space, users can avoid distractions and focus better on their work. This can lead to increased concentration and productivity.
  2. Soundproofing: Many workstations are designed with sound-absorbing materials, which help reduce noise from surrounding office activities. This creates a quieter and more peaceful working environment and reduces distracting noises that can affect concentration.
  3. Seclusion and privacy: Workstations give users a sense of privacy and seclusion. They create a visual barrier that reduces the visibility of other people in the office environment. This can be valuable for tasks that require confidentiality or concentration without distractions.
  4. Variety in the working environment: By providing different working environments, including cubicles, the office environment can offer variety and choice to employees. This allows them to choose the workplace that best suits their tasks and needs.

  5. Informal meeting rooms: Workstations can also be used as informal meeting rooms or collaboration spaces for smaller groups. By creating separate spaces, cubicles can provide a place for quick meetings or discussions without disturbing others in the open office.

Limbus Hexagon for a private working environment:

A popular model is the Limbus Hexagon, which uses a geometric hexagonal shape to create effective focus workplaces. With five screens around you, it provides a more private and cosy working environment than traditional cubicles. An advantage of Limbus Hexagon is that the more hexagons that are added to a cluster, the more affordable it becomes per workplace as they share screens in an efficient way. The coupling system is unique to Glimakra of Sweden and assembly is simple and easy.

Limbus C and H configurations for flexible workplaces:

Limbus also offers C or H configurations for temporary workplaces with a focus on individual work. The table tops can be electrically adjustable to suit the needs and preferences of different users. The elegant design with rounded corners gives a sense of quality, and the flexibility of the system allows it to be adapted to most office environments.

Workstations from Glimakra of Sweden are the perfect solution for creating separate workstations and room-in-room in open-plan offices. By using fabric-covered and sound-absorbing cubicles, you can reduce noise levels and provide employees with a better working environment for concentration and productivity. With different models such as Limbus Hexagon, C and H configurations, you can create flexible and customisable workspaces to suit your office’s needs. Invest in Glimakra of Sweden’s work booths to create a secluded and productive work environment.